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Treating gum disease early will help prevent problems from spreading throughout your body. Years ago people called a dental crown a dental cap because they were put over the top of damaged teeth. Before you can have your teeth sealed, they will need to be cleaned to get out all the bacteria. Covering a weak tooth with a crown is helpful when it comes to keeping your original tooth.

Intraoral cameras are made to look inside your tooth and under the gum line to detect cavities. Lots of people still have mercury fillings in their teeth and they should be checked every six months. If you grind your teeth a lot you may end up with sensitive teeth because of it. When you need veneers done to close up gaps in your teeth and root canals to take care of the pain in your teeth, you may want to consider a full mouth reconstruction to fix everything at once. If your roots are abscessed or your gums are showing signs of cysts or other problems, dental x-rays will give us a heads up. People who are stressed tend to grind their teeth when they fall asleep and that can mean you are shortening your teeth.