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Sometimes TMJ problems will go away on their own, but most of the time you need to have an orthodontic treatment to fix it. Keeping your teeth clean and bright is easier when you brush regularly. If someone in your home snores, bring him to our dental office for a mouth guard. When your children have some candy, ask them to brush their teeth afterward.

People under a lot of stress tend to grind their teeth without knowing it. Any infection you have in your gums needs to be tended to quickly before it spreads throughout your body. Having food stuck between your teeth will mean you are setting yourself up for tooth decay. It may take several months for your teeth to whiten if you choose to use over-the-counter teeth whitening strips or brush-on gels. Check with your dentist to get his views on when to start fluoride treatments for your children. The main task you need to do in order to remove food particles stuck on your teeth after eating is to brush your teeth.