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If you need to get a referral slip from your old dentist so that we can transfer your insurance, be sure you bring that along with you to your first appointment. When you have bacteria that is infected in your gums it can progress to periodontal disease and destroy the bone that holds your teeth in place. Brushing your tongue can help keep you from having bad breath. Some people have a caved in look to their face that can be solved with dentures.

You may be able to have a full mouth reconstruction rather than having your teeth pulled and dentures made. Some people that have badly decaying teeth will find that our dentist can fit them with a full set of dentures. If you need an inlay, you will probably want an anesthetic to ease the pain because bigger cavities can be painful. Brushing after meals is a great way to prevent tooth decay, especially in young people. Some people prefer to have tooth colored fillings so that nobody notices that they have had a cavity. If you are a smoker, you will need to have your teeth cleaned at our dental office more than someone who is not a smoker.