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If you have had several teeth fall out because of bad tooth decay, it may be a wise move to have dentures made to replace all your teeth. If you have a sensitive tooth and are having frequent toothaches, you may have a cracked tooth. Having a dental implant done in our office means you will get the very best treatment possible. Making sure your children are happy in the dental chair is something our staff is happy to do.

When bacteria turns into plaque and hardens into tartar it can infiltrate your body and cause blockages in your arteries. Many people never notice when their wisdom teeth come in because there is no pain. Some patients choose to whiten their teeth using an over-the-counter bleaching agent rather than coming into our dental office. Decaying teeth are just one reason that you may have bad breath. Some people have yellowed teeth and wish they were whiter.

Some people use teeth whitening strips and are very happy with the results.