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Proper dental care and oral hygiene every day at home will help you keep your original teeth as long as possible. You can use a good toothpaste to help keep tartar away, along with mouthwash. Dental procedures that include dental veneers or dental crowns can be done in our local dental office. Dental x-rays are done digitally now so we can see the results immediately without waiting for films to develop.

There are a lot of people who have not seen a dentist in years because of the terrible treatments they had when they were kids. If you have a root but the tooth is gone, a dental cap or crown can be cemented on top of that root. If you have swollen gums that are red and hurt when you brush or floss, call for a dental appointment right away. Dentures are something that can be made if you have more bad teeth than you have good teeth. Keeping the dental health of your family in fine shape is what our dentists can do for you.

Be sure to check with your dental insurance company before having a big treatment done.